Episode 31

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25th Jan 2023

031 Tricia DeNardis - How To Have A Healthy Relationship with Food & Running

Episode Summary

Tricia DeNardis is a physical therapist, pregnancy & postpartum exercise specialist. She is an eating disorder survivor who is on a mission to help other women have a healthier relationship to food. Today, Tricia joins the show to discuss how to have a healthy relationship with food and running. She gets vulnerable and opens up about her own struggles, speaks to the warning signs that could indicate an unhealthy relationship to food, and best practices to implement that can help.

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Key Takeaways

01:12 – Whitney Heins welcomes Tricia DeNardis to the show who discusses her running background, her struggles with an eating disorder, and what it means to have a healthy relationship with food and running

16:03 – Warning signs that you may not have a healthy relationship with food or your body

19:15 – A moment of clarity and motivation

24:41 – Tricia shares strategies she uses to prevent herself from going down the spiral

29:17 – How Tricia teaches her children to have a healthy relationship with food

34:25 – Other red flags that indicate you may have an unhealthy relationship with running

37:32 – Advice Tricia would give to those struggling with an eating disorder or other issues with food

40:36 – The importance of being introspective and self-aware and understanding your personal motivations

46:27 – Whitney thanks Tricia for joining the show and lets listeners know where they can connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“I have three kids, so for me it’s so important that I am setting a very good example for them. I don’t diet. I don’t talk poorly about my body in front of them, period. I do think there’s a lot to be said about what you’re saying out loud.” (12:54) (Tricia)

“Particularly, if you’re someone that has had a history of eating disorders, I would strongly recommend that you stay away from any of the macro counting, measuring your food, getting on the scale, or even having goals like losing pounds. I think that can be a really bad downward spiral.” (16:43) (Tricia)

“I always had goals of being lean, and cut, and having muscle. And those things didn’t really happen until I stopped focusing on it so much. When I shifted and started focusing on the priority of fueling my body so I can do the things that I wanted to do, my body just got to a happy place.” (18:26) (Tricia)

“I am stubborn to the max, but I’m not afraid to admit when I’m totally wrong.” (25:54) (Tricia)

“The irritability thing is huge. If you’re constantly feeling irritable because your body is just run down, then that’s a red flag right there.” (35:55) (Tricia)

“I know from my point of view I was probably the most miserable in my entire life when I was the smallest because it was just a constant thought. And I was probably the happiest in my life when I was super pregnant.” (43:17) (Tricia)

Resources Mentioned

Whitney’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-heins-02ba3b5

The Mother Runners Club – https://www.themotherrunners.com/

Tricia’s Website – https://www.mindbodysoldier.com/

Tricia’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/burpeesandburpcloths/?hl=en

Tricia’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tricia-denardis-69075723/

Resources Mentioned:

Megan Robinson’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/megan-robinson-ms-rd-cde-cssd-ldn-1966a352/

Amy Stephens’ Website – https://www.amystephensnutrition.com/


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