Episode 13

Published on:

4th May 2022

013 Lindsey Hein - I’ll Have Another Run At It: Balancing Running, Motherhood & Coaching

Episode Summary

Podcaster, Speaker, and Running Coach Linsey Hein joins today’s show to share her own experiences as a mother, marathoner, and coach. Lindsey discusses her podcast, I’ll Have Another, and the approach she takes to interviewing top-tier elite runners such as Lee Troop, Julie-Anne Staehli, and Heather MacLean, among others. Whitney and Lindsey talk about the importance of giving yourself grace as a runner and a parent, balancing family, work and running, and what it takes to come back from injuries.

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Key Takeaways

02:25 – Whitney Heins introduces today’s guest, Lindsey Hein, who joins the show to discuss the recent Boston Marathon, how Lindsey prepares for podcast interviews and how she overcomes nerves while interviewing elite runners

12:58 – Giving yourself grace

15:44 – Whitney and Lindsey talk about her running background and their kids

23:43 – The inspiration to launch I’ll Have Another, Lindsey’s podcasting style and how she approaches interviews

39:34 – What kind of athlete is Lindsey?

41:38 – What’s in a (podcast) name?

45:48 – Motherhood, running and coming back from injuries

57:28 – Whitney thanks Lindsey for joining the show and lets listeners know where to follow her

Tweetable Quotes

“I just want to make sure I’m so well prepared that I’m doing a service to my listeners so that they have an enjoyable conversation to listen to.” (10:31)

“I usually write down a bunch of facts about someone and then write down some talking points and then, depending on who it is, five or six pointed questions. Some people I don’t write any questions down. I just have the talking points like I want to make sure we hit this. It just totall depends on who they are. A coach for instance, I’m gonna be way more specific with questions written down ahead of time.” (12:04)

“I think when people are honest about the help they have it makes the rest of us feel like, ‘Ok, maybe I’m not doing X, Y, & Z, but I don’t have help here.’ And it’s really easy to compare your life to someone else’s and think, ‘Well, if she can do all these things, why can’t I?’ Nobody’s life is the exact same.” (14:23)

“This is what I’m known for. I say, ‘I’m probably just gonna do five miles,’ because that’s all I feel like doing in the moment. And then I usually tag a couple more on at the end. Famous last words, ‘I’m just gonna do five miles.’” (37:38)

“If there’s a soccer day or something like that that’s really packed with family stuff, that run is happening the day before or the day after. The run is not taking priority over work and family. I think that there’s a way to do that, it’s just figuring it out.” (50:41)

Resources Mentioned

Whitney’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-heins-02ba3b5

The Mother Runners Club – https://www.themotherrunners.com/

Lindsey’s Website – https://lindseyhein.com/

Lindsey’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lindseyhein626/?hl=en

Lindsey’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/lindseyhein

Lindsey’s Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/illhaveanotherpodcast/

Lindsey’s Portfolio of Podcasts:

Why Is Everyone Yelling? With Lindsey Hein – https://sandyboyproductions.com/why-is-everyone-yelling-podcast/

The Herban Farmacy Podcast – https://sandyboyproductions.com/herban-farmacy/

Up + Running Podcast – https://sandyboyproductions.com/up-running/

Illuminate Podcast – https://sandyboyproductions.com/illuminate-podcast/


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